Recruit Me! (Addendum) AKA – I win! (For now…)

When I moved to London, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ripe for adventure. Whenever anyone asked “How is the job hunt going?” I would respond with optimistic glee, confirming that I knew that the market was tough, but I was enjoying the break and I wasn’t getting stressed about it a I was getting great feed back from recruiters and I was CERTAIN, gosh darn it, that I would get a job soon (*wink*smile*teeth glistening*).

That attitude lasted for nearly 4 weeks.

Then my laptop died, my tenant in Australia started sending me screwy emails, and Barclays bicycles broke my heart. And with the weight of my first-world problems on my shoulders, I was starting to feel defeated, and being unemployed started to bite.

For the last week or so, the days of my life could be summed up as follows:

So for now, I sit in my flat in my flannel jim-jams, watching Man vs Food for the 7th time this week, trawling the internet for jobs, cursing the Recruiter Gods and yet waiting by the phone for their call like a battered wife.

~ From Recruit Me! (22.03.12)

Suffice to say, I was feeling a little bit frustrated. And deflated. And searching for a new direction in life.

I have an abundance of checkered shirts. Perhaps it’s time to consider bartending.

~ From Recruit Me! (22.03.12)


Don’t get me wrong; I don’t think there is anything wrong with bartending. You get to be around booze, it’s a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people, and you don’t have to wear a suit! But really, I am not that similar to Nick from New Girl. Sure, we both have designer stubble, have an upside down smile and, yes, a penchant for checkered shirts. And I have known to be “gruff” on the odd occasion (the exact description was actually “the Grinch” to be precise).

Frowning? No. Smiling: upside down.
(Source -

However, unlike Nick I actually finished my law degree and I am not hopelessly hung up on my ex-girlfriends (for obvious reasons). I also don’t have Zooey Deschenal as a flat mate to give meaning to my life.

Where the hell am I going with this?

Literally 2 minutes after pressing “publish” on my post, I received a telephone call from a recruiter. She had a job and she wanted to know if I was free to work. Being the incredibly calm, cool and collected cat that I am, I very quickly answered, “Yes, yes, for the love of Goooooooooooooood YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

And then something else happened. 2 hours later I received a telephone call from another recruiter. She also had a job and wanted to know if I could start work the next day.


And then this morning, while ironing my blue shirt ready for my new job, I received another call from another recruiter asking about another job that I had applied for in February.

But I have just taken a week-long assignment, starting today?

Say what? They can fit around me? And the contract is for 10 months?

But I am going to Spain in July to see Radiohead (shut up, Andrew, are youtrying to screw this up!)

They can work around my holidays?


Well, I guess I’ll interview then. If they really want me too.

And so it seems that with a simple blog post, the Recruitment Gods have felt my wrath and left them quivering in their boots and throwing job opportunities my way!

Okay sure, I talk a lot of smack, but at the end of the day I have one short-term temp job and a possible interview. But still, you can’t dispute the timing…

Recruiter Gods: don’t mess with the upside-down smile!

Am I smiling? Or did you just get BURNT!
(In case you didn't guess, photograph by ME)

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Recruit Me! (Addendum) AKA – I win! (For now…)

  1. Everybody I met in England (with the exception of a vegetarian lesbian couple I spent two nights with) watched Man vs. Food religiously. They were fascinated with how much food we seem to eat over here. I’d just like to note that I can’t recall ever having seen an American watch that show (except for me and my travel comrade, when we were watching it in England).

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