Alive and Kicking


In case anyone was wondering (it doesn’t seem anyone was…) London has not brought me down yet. I am still alive and kicking!

I haven’t blogged in a while due to a combination of working 10 days straight, going to Eastern Europe, looking for new flat mates and having serious issues with wireless broadband.

Most of the events have been entirely blog-worthy, however the last hurdle has made it quite difficult to do the reporting.

It is currently 9.00am in London, I arrive at work half an hour ago, and I am still the only person in the office. Seriously, how the hell has Britain continued to be an economic power house when no one actually works? Lazy Brits.

Anyway, as I have no access to a computer at work (I know, right?) I have been forced to play with my iPhone, so I’d use the Word Press app for something other than obsessively checking my blog stats every 5 minutes and actually post something.

And here we are. A completed blog post.

So to summarize: the answer to the question that no one asked is, yes, I am still alive. I’m the only guy doing any work in this country before 10am.



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