Absence Makes the Mind Go Yonder

Blogging is literally impossible with an abandoned typewriter. Or any typewriter.
(Source – http://bestabandoned.tumblr.com/post/18387451257)

My last post was TEN days ago.


A lot has happened in those past ten days. In fact, a lot has happened in the past THIRTY days. Many of those happenings I intended on blogging about ten days ago.  Some even PRIOR to ten days ago.

For the last five days I have felt pangs of guilt. I mean, what could the 7 people who read my blog be thinking? Are they disappointed? Angry? Worried? I could be dead. How would they know?! I would just stop posting shitty blog posts and they would think I have abandoned them!

I am so sorry!!!!!!

Well I’m not dead. Clearly. But I am also pretty sure that the 7 people who read my blog didn’t even notice that I hadn’t posted. Let’s be serious; it’s just one less shitty blog to read. I probably did them a favour. But now I am back and they will hopefully read this crappy post if they haven’t proactively un-followed me.


Yikes. This isn’t going well. If there is anything worse than not posting, it’s posting about how you wish you posted more. Yuck. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have so many intimate and disgustingly self-indulgent details that I want to share, but I keep finding excuses to…

***Sorry. I had a coffee break. ***

… delay typing up a post. I have a desire to write, but an inability to fulfil my desires. But I have so many important things to do. Like eating. Pretending I am working. Eating. Pretending I am going to the gym. Eating. Drinking. Catching up on Mad Men. I have a very busy schedule. Really.

Four days ago, one of my favourite bloggers challenged herself to post everyday for the Month of May. What a great challenge! If not for the fact that the challenge shares a name with one of my favourite Arcade Fire songs. Perhaps I missed the point. Anyway, I decided that I could totally do that, except realistically, I can’t. For starters, it’s now the 4th of May and this is my first post for the month, so I have already failed. Plus, I am too busy. Plus, I don’t think I have enough things to blog about to post every day. Plus, I am just too lazy.

Where the hell is this blog post going? Rein it in, Andrew, rein it in!

Okay. So what the hell is the point of this post? Does a post even need a point? I don’t have time for an existential argument. Plus, I’m too lazy. ANYWAY, the point is, I am incredo-disappointed in my lack of posting and I feel like my ability to write is ever diminishing (have you read this post?) AS SUCH, I endeavour to post at least twice a week. I think that is achievable. I just can’t post this weekend because I will be in Stockholm… Sorry. More excuses. But just think, in about two months I might blog about the experience!

As I said earlier, in the last month lots of things have happened during my last month in London (theeerrrrrre we go – finally bringing it back on topic) and I intend to blog about them.

I will.


Next week.

Two new posts next week.

Get excited!(?)


10 thoughts on “Absence Makes the Mind Go Yonder

  1. Don’t pressurise yourself. Your next post should be easy – Stockholm is beautiful – a couple of photos and a few lines of explanation, thoughts, etc. will be enough. I’m not trying to set you homework, but please have the post in before Friday of next week. : )

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