Sunday Music Jam: Morning Light

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and I am heading into work. On a Sunday. And yet I walk down the broken streets of East London with a beaming smile, a strut in my step and a gleeful wink for passersby. Why?

On this day of days, one of those rare London days when Londoners are woken up by the sun (the SUN!) shining through their bedroom windows and it actually feels like the day will be seasonally appropriate, it is impossible not to be happy. Even if one is working. 

It seems like it should be a sad day when a boy from Perth gets excited about “18 degrees celsius, partly cloudy”, however it is hard not share in London’s excitement after sharing in it’s experience of the wettest April since records began.

Besides, it’s not partly cloudy. Yesterday was partly cloudy. Today it is clear. And there have been two consecutive days with the sun shining brighter than the shadowy gloom of cloud cover. Excitement over two consecutive days of sunshine? It’s official: I have assimilated.

And so I strut down the streets, soaking up the sunshine, thinking about all the extra cash I will earn with time-and-a-half rates, and listening to some killer indie rock tunes. Seriously. How could I not be smiling? Even if I am a boy from Perth and I have to work on a Sunday.

Here is a tune for the Sunday Sun. Enjoy!


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