Jigsaws Falling Into Place

I’ve been off the grid for a few days because JD and I have lived it up in Sunny Spain, or as the locals call it, Euskal Herria (they were protesting for independence from their Spanish Oppressors during our stay). We have spent the last few days soaking up rays in Bilbao and San Sebastian, which I can honestly say is one of the most beautiful areas of the world that I have seen in my reasonably well-travelled life.

*cough* humblebrag *cough*

It’s a hard life.

Before I get back to this horrible predicament of salt water and tanning, I just wanted to drop in to let everyone know that I FINALLY SAW RADIOHEAD LIVE. I know, right? I have waited for this moment for over ten years and this week the pieces of the jig-saw fell into place and the final picture was better than I could ever have hoped. They truly are, in my humble opinion, the most versatile and collectively talented band of all time.

I know.

It’s rough.

Radiohead (13 July 2012 @ BBK Bilbao Live)

Thom Yorke, you Golden God.
(Friday, 13 July 2012 @ BBK Bilbao Live)

Now that I have achieved Ultimate Joy and Complete Perfection at such a tender age, I am troubled. What am I to do for the rest of my miserable life? Let’s face it: it is all downhill from here. Nothing could possibly top seeing Radiohead live. Life has already begun to taunt me. On Tuesday on our flight from San Sebastian to Ibiza (I told you it was a hard life) Vueling Airlines played Radiohead’s Everything Is In It’s Right Place not once, but TWICE. What was life trying to tell me? Is this the end? Everything is in it’s right place? There is nothing left for me to do? But … crawl up and DIE??


I have spent the last few days weighing up my options and I have decided that my only possible hope is to become famous. Not Jersey Shore famous. More like Tom Cruise. Maybe not Tom Cruise. Stephen King? I don’t know. I need to do something that will make me famous enough so that I will receive personal invites to Radiohead concerts and private premiere screenings of P.T. Anderson films for the rest of my life.

Time to start writing that novel…

Alas, I fear I am misguided. I mean, nothing will ever be like that first time I saw Radiohead live last Friday night. I’m not ashamed to admit it.I cried. Just a little. More like shed a tear. An overwhelmed, unprepared and appeased little tear. I was like one of those pathetic teenage girls who fainted at Michael Jackson concerts in the nineties. I don’t care. I understand them now and what they were feeling. Pure, unadulterated and unexpected fulfilment.

Fame won’t bring happiness. It will only dull the senses. Take the glow off everything that made that experience perfection. And so here I am now, in sweltering Ibiza, coming to terms with the rest of the miserable life that is ahead. I know what you’re thinking. How do I do it? How do I manage to live in such horrible conditions? How do I face a life destined for despair and disappointment?

I lie on the beach and let the sun’s rays bronze my skin. Then I decide that, against all odds, I start searching for the pieces to the new puzzle of fulfillment. Carl Cox didn’t quite deliver at Space last night. Maybe David Guetta will do better?

I know.

It’s a hard life.

Just one example of the depressing sights that I have to look forward to in my so called life. (San Sebastian Bay)


9 thoughts on “Jigsaws Falling Into Place

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    • I have decided that I will struggle throughout my life and become famous posthumously. That way it will alleviate any pressure to be cool, I won’t have to sign any autographs, and if I don’t follow through, I will never know because I will be dead.

    • I think it was probably you who really got me into Radiohead in the first place. Those heady days back in college, listening to tunes and resting on goon bags.

      • And here are two more reasons why Radiohead are amazing:

        Before College, Radiohead helped me procrastinate through most of my TEE.

        A common obsession with Radiohead ignited the VOODOOPASSION between me and my first ever lover… a night that also involved goon bags being used for non-paraletic purposes. Pretty sure you were there that night, Mandy. Goontastic goontimes indeedy.

        I remember giving you curry for liking Michael Jackson back then too, but I take it all back. Words can’t describe the recently nurtured admiration I have for the spectacle and talent that is MJ. Rubes is certainly showing signs of obsession… Her favourite clip is the full version of Black or White, with Macaulay Culkin in it, though she fights with me that his real name is Kevin.


        *crowd roars*

        Ah Radiohead. Where would my life be without you, truly. I wonder if they all like Michael Jackson as much as I do…

      • Ha! Gingerbread Michael Jacksons! That is AMAZING!

        I am glad that you finally had a music revelation. He was a pioneer in R&B and the art of music videos. You cannot beat the Beat It clip!

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