Finding out that you are 1 penny short of a take away flat white and the gruff, uncompromising, lesbian American barista is working this morning…


Realising that you have filled your loyalty card and you have earned a free coffee…



6 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. In town I use Starbucks for the bucket-sized cup and I can sit and write for hours with no-one disturbing me (but I always leave if they need the table) or MacD’s for the ambience (unrestrained infants and shrill yabbering blubber-butt modern housewives paradoxically nurture creative fertility) and the “only five qualifies for a free”. I’m a tightwad—product of a misspent youth.

    A ‘penny short’ used to have embarrassing connotations—thank heavens for dark alleys …

    • Oh no, no, nooooooo. I could never subject myself to Starbucks. I’m a coffee purist. Although, I guess in the US you don’t have many options better than Starbucks. Poor things 😉

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