My passion project has been reanimated, so I thought I would relish in the chance for shameless self-promotion and share it with all of my Ex-Patria readers.

This is my major creative writing challenge. It’s a hobby, distraction and a serious attorney at fiction all wrapped into one. I really do love this beast and I hope I find some new followers with the new direction,

Please, do stop by. And I really value feedback, so please do not be afraid to comment!

The Chronicles of Creepy Pants

If it’s good enough for Marvel Comics, it’s good enough for me. After much deliberation, some sporadic drafting, mixed with a touch of drawing and very little web-craft, the new Chronicles of Creepy Pants is here!

The site has been under construction as I have been busy getting my head around what I actually want to do with this blog and doing some serious redrafts. For my loyal readers, not much in presentation will really change. I will continue to update the story in episode form. However, as promised, I have GONE BACK TO THE BEGINNING!

Say what?

Yes, I have gone back to the beginning. That means that many of the episodes might seem familiar to the regular readers. However, please stay with me on this. I promise you good things. First, I have started rewriting the episodes so that they are hopefully better than before. Secondly, the episodes…

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