Resolutions 2013, or How To Make My Life Better

People can be quite cynical about “The New Year”. It’s just another night of the week. It’s a completely artificial reason to start to re-evaluate one’s life. It’s always disappointing. No one ever follows through. Yadda yadda yadda.

Some people love to spoil everything.

Realistically, the Debbie Downers are kinda right. But who are they to shit on other people’s hopes and dreams? They are losers without hopes and dreams. Personally, I love the festive season / new year tradition. I’m not religious, but I love ending the year with Secular-Gift-Giving-Feast-Eating-Glutton-Fest. It’s a great way to reflect on the year, be thankful for all the good times, and say F U to the rest!

By the time the new year rolls on by and I ready for a revival! Sure, we can do this at anytime during the year, but there is something so refreshing about having a set starting point and a tangible goal period. Plus, it is a really easy way to write filler for my blog!

So here are my resolutions for 2013! What are yours?

Do at least one interesting thing each week / weekend.

Please sir, I want some more, sir.Source.

Please sir, I want some more, sir.

JD and I will be returning to Oz sometime later this year. We have estimated that we will be back sometime in August 2013, but realistically it could be anytime between July and September. As such, the official, albeit somewhat blind, countdown is ON and there are so many things in London and the United Kingdom that I am yet to explore. Some of the things I plan to do:

– visit more regional sites in England, such as the Cotswalds, Stonehenge and Bath,

– check out some obscure London sites, such as Nunhead Cemetary, Crystal Palace Park and Epping Forest,

– explore other cities in the United Kingdom, such as Manchester, Liverpool and Cardiff,

– eat more Sunday roasts (I’ve done plenty of these, but hello!).

Realistically, I am destined to write-off a few weekends with the odd hang-over, so I might have to revise this resolution to at least one interesting thing each fortnight.

Or month.

No, no, no, a fortnight. At least once a fortnight!

Don’t get sick or injure myself.

Ibiza, July 2012. This image may not be accurate.Source.

Ibiza, July 2012.
This image may not be accurate.

A lot of my life has been wasted with unnecessary injury time. JD says I get injured a lot because I have poor depth perception, which is a total crock. After all, I was the one who has had a very active sporting life all my life. AFL, soccer, athletics, volleyball, netball. I love sport and, gosh darnit I’m bloody good at it! On the other hand, JD might have driven a few tractors in his childhood, but he probably has no idea what a shuttlecock is. He would certainly get disappointed when he found out it was for something as lame as badminton.

The problem is, sometimes I get a bit excited and I do stupid things. Like jumping over rickety fences without looking out for protruding hazards. Or jumping off objects at unreasonable heights. Or swinging on things that are unusually slippery. Or thinking that I know how to ride a scooter because how hard can it be.

It’s hard.

Shut up.

I’m not the one who drove tractors as a child.


Yeah, that was a lucky catch, buddy!

So no more reckless behaviour for me. And perhaps I will buy some insurance. I was also sick a ridiculous amount of times last year, which I simply don’t have time for so that has to stop. I realise this is partly out of control in a city full of so many people with filthy habits as London. Maybe I can stop licking the handrails in the tube as a start?

Take more care with my appearance.

Sorry, what was I writing about?Source.

Sorry, what was I writing about?

This is a general statement, encapsulating a myriad of disappointments with my physical being. Basically, I want to:

– get fitter

– dress better

– lose ____ kilograms (mind your business)

– grow more hair on my head

– ungrow wrinkles on my forehead

– increase my …….. chest size

You know, the usual infomercial stuff.

Be less superficial.

Did you see my last resolution? Crap….

I’m a gay, so this is basically impossible. I mean seriously. But I will try. Seriously.

Write more and complete something.

In 2011 I started writing for fun, but in 2012 I realised that writing is more than just a bit of fun for me. It is my passion. With the decision to end one project, uncompleted (due to unpopular demand) it’s time to focus on my other ideas. Whether it be a novel, short story, screen play, self-help book or shopping list – come hell or high-water I will finish ONE piece of writing in 2013!

I am also aiming to write AT LEAST two blog posts per week. I have already failed that last week, but I was in Berlin and I hadn’t thought of my new year’s resolutions because I am late to everything.

This resolution might also be tampered with by the odd, anticipated hang-over in 2013. One can dream.

Be late less.

Because seriously, being late is really lame. Whomever coined the term “fashionably late” was probably trying to make some witty excuse for his selfish jerkness. I’m looking at you, Truman Capote.

Travel more.

Not the most efficient means of travel.Source.

Not the most efficient means of travel.

I know, right! Oh what a tough life I lead. With the count down on I have a limited time to take advantage of my Northern Hemisphere locale, I would be an idiot not to take advantage of it. Sure, JD and I had our fair share of travel adventures last year, but we still have so much that we want to see.

Portugal, Turkey, Norway, Scotland, Denmark, Egypt, Poland, Morocco, Russia, and Vauxhall. So many exotic places and so little time! I know I won’t get to see them all, but damn it if I don’t try!

And this is a “travel” blog after all, so I guess I should write about it.


~ Expatria


12 thoughts on “Resolutions 2013, or How To Make My Life Better

  1. You know, I saw that photo too. Why Men’s Health put it in an article about being funny is beyond me. (I mean, I’m not complaining … )

    Egypt is my favorite place in the world. Lived there once, looking forward to going back. Just sayin’ … 🙂

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  3. My running idea. I always make a list of yearly resolutions, and take them on a one month trial run before the New Year arrives, that way, when the new year actually comes in one of two things will have occured. 1- I will realize it was a dumb idea and eliminate it before the new year arrives, in which case the resolution technically never existed or 2- the resolution will have eventually become part of my lifestyle, thus I will have successfully resolved (wtf is the verb form of ‘to complete a new years resoltion’). This info may do you no good two weeks after the new year. But there you go. OHHHH! and be my post-a-week budddy!!! We can be like overweight women going on powerwalks in the late afternoon in an attempt to help each other!!

    • Oh that would be the beeeeest. Meanwhile, I was wondering why you hadn’t popped up on my newsfeed in a while. Turns out I wasn’t following you anymore!

      I blame WordPress. That has been corrected and now I have a lot of reading to catch up on!

  4. Hi Drew – I came across your blog randomly while searching for info about legal recruiters in London. I hope you keep your new year’s resolution to write more because I’ve really enjoyed reading this blog.

    I’m also an Aussie lawyer looking at moving to London later this year. I know the job market is pretty terrrible at the moment – I’d be happy with short-term contracting work and just wondered whether you could possibly share/write a post with your tips and advice for jobseekers in a similar boat to you? Thanks!

    • Well everything I say is the Gospel truth, so please make sure you cling onto every little thing that I say!

      To be honest, there isn’t too much more to report. 98% of the work is really soulless and boring, however some of them can be fun if you work with a good group. But I’ll try and make some more witty observations for you ;P

  5. Love your resolutions! I just posted ( of my decision to simply focus on writing more, in an attempt to buck the seemingly unavoidable failure that crops up when one makes a laundry list. However, I feel that your desires are quite healthy and attainable, and encourage me to add a few more to mine. Liiike, wash my face every morning (definitely would be a welcome improvement), and play the banjo once a week. Of course.

    Anyway, thanks 😀 Best of luck with your aspirations.

    • Well I think they are reasonably difficult to break, so I should very easily be impressed with my self. Or very quickly be disappointed in myself…. I should have thought this through more…

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