Slacker Jack

It’s barely February and I’ve already broken one of my New Year’s resolutions. Or at least I nearly did. I can’t exactly remember how I phrased the resolution, and I’m not exactly going to go back and read my own post to find out. What idiot would actually read any of this crap? Certainly not me, ho, ho, ho. Heyyya!

Okay, that’s enough of that Roger Dangerfield fake-self-deprecating-endearment-seeking crap.

The fact is, I was dangerously at risk of not writing a blog post this week, so I thought I’d stick my head in for a quick hello, confirm my continued existence, and check off my weekly writing goal.

Still alive? Check.

Still writing? Check.

Still interesting, humourous, and/or relevant? … Results pending.

The last week was a bit crazy at work. Don’t worry, I’m not working in another self-harm inducing job. My work mania was self-inflicted (excuse the pun). You see, one of the joys about being a contractor and being paid per hour is that, if I want to earn a bit of extra cash, I just need to work longer hours. I actually drafted four blog posts over the past week, however I just didn’t have the time or energy to go online after work.

These posts are basically finished, but they are in rough, hand-written sketches so I need to type them out. Then, because I’m a bit of a perfectionist with my writing (believe it or not) I would feel compelled to do further tweeking, so each post would likely take another two hours of work, and I just didn’t have eight hours of clarity available.

The reason for my money lust is because JD and I are going on a eleven day skiing trip in Cortina and Kitzbuhl, starting tomorrow (Saturday) and skiing ain’t cheap. And the downside about being a contractor is a don’t get holiday pay.

I am concerned that my skiing will leave me exhausted and/or injured, plus I’m not sure what the Internet range is like in the Dolomites, so I might not write a post for two weeks. Hence you get this piece of crap post. But the sentiment is there! Right? Right?

Not blogging for two weeks will be in direct contravention of my resolution to blog weekly, however I also resolved to travel more so I think it all evens out. Plus, I’m meeting up with my favourite cousin who I haven’t seen for a year (holy hell) an she trumps everything and everyone!

Plus, snooooooooow! I told you how much I love the snow, right?

So it was nice to chat and let’s plan to catch up when I get back, okay? Sounds good. Lucky for you I have all these draft posts about out-of-date life events up my sleeve so I will be fully prepared upon my return. And they won’t be stream-of-consciousness posts written in five minutes on my iPhone like this piece of crap post, so they might even be semi-literate!


Ciao for now, lovers!




4 thoughts on “Slacker Jack

  1. “It’s barely February and I’ve already broken one of my New Year’s resolutions”

    To stop relentless Self-pollution?

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