This is the End

It’s been a while. I’m sorry. I promise I have missed you. And I have missed this, the thing that we all love: writing.

The last time  left you, I had just finished Part II of my Trilogy, The Look: a (hopefully) humorous recount about the perils of office flirting. I intend to finish the trilogy, however I wanted to have a quick “status update” before I powered back into the blog. My last post was on 28 May 2013. Not a single post in June 2013. There’s a good reason for this. A shit tonne has happened since then.

In early June, one of my best friend’s from Perth moved to London. Between work and devoting all of my free time to Priya, I was too exhausted for extra-curricular activities. A few days after Priya arrived in London, we headed East for a whirlwind tour of Turkey, soaking up sun, sand, cave dwellings, and tear gas. Turkey is a giant nation offering an East-Meets-West cultural cluster-fuck, and is definitely one of my favourite countries I have ever visited. From Turkey we jetted off to Mykonos for more sun and sand, together with wind, ATVs, wind, cheap cocktails, wind, and drag queens.

After ten days of travel, we headed back to dreary London for another ten days. More time devoted to work and Priya, until I quit my job and we all headed to Croatia. Seven days sailing in the Adriatic. Sun, sea, and a score of bogans. We couldn’t have picked a better way to spend our last European Tour. We left Priya and her friend (and now our friend) Caitlin in Croatia, and they are now Euro-tripping for a few weeks. It was a tearful farewell, because when Priya returns to London we will have left!

And now, the end is near, and so we’ve met our final curtain…

We have been back in Saturday, and despite Priya being away and work no longer being a concern, it has still been hectic. Tying up loose ends is a bitch. It’s now Friday and we fly out on TUESDAY.

I have incredibly mixed feelings.

For the last few months, I have felt so ready to leave. Unless you’re Yogi-fucking-Bear, nine months of winter isn’t fun in anyone’s book. It weighed me down, both emotionally and physically (it’s hard to keep exercising and going to the gym when it’s cold as fuck outside).

But now that the end is near, all I want to do is stay. It hasn’t helped that it has been all sunshine and lollipops since we returned from Croatia. Okay, maybe not lollipops, but the sun has been in full force for a good 5 days in a row! It’s like London is trying to throw in my face what an amazing city it can be. Of course it’s not just the sunshine that has me lamenting. It’s my street, the corner shop, the skyline, Victoria Park. London now feels like home and, sure she has been a bitch, but she has been my bitch and I have loved her in spite of her flaws. No city is perfect, but by golly London comes close!

JD has mimicked my physical unpreparedness in the form of matching anxiety spells. His melancholia went so far as to inspire him to start his own little blog! Either that, or he was starting to get jealous of all these people “following” me that I keep telling him about. Little did he know that my so-called followers don’t ever seem to read my blog.


I must admit, I was incredibly sceptical of JD’s blogging venture (if not wary of him trying to steal my thunder). Annoyingly, JD’s blog has turned out to be quite good! Sure, he has only managed to post one entry, but it is a stirring little ditty. If you are sick of my acerbic wit (how could you be?) then you might be comforted by his more poetical pursuits. Check him out at Vines Tour Nights. Just don’t ever let him replace me…

Well, I think that’s it for now. This was never intended to be as “Dear Diary” as it turned out to be, but there you have it. I’ll do my darndest to post tomorrow.


~ Expatria


One thought on “This is the End

  1. Shit, sorry — here I am. Suffering through nine months of winter every year is a great way to establish the kind of pessimistic existential worldview necessary to be a funny person! I’ve already noticed a positive (negative) effect on your voice as a result of the daily misery that is living well north of the equator. May it forever nestle in your soul, like one of those chestbursters from the movie Alien. Ha ha, just kidding. None of us have souls. Safe trip back to Australia, and I look forward to getting “Creeped liked your post …” email updates at 3 a.m. again. You know, assuming I actually write some more posts.

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