AWOL and a Poll

Three months.


I am so sorry.

I have been a terrible blogger. Bad, bad blogger, indeed. A lot happened in those three months. Plenty of wonderful, adventurous, happy, sad, confusing, exhilarating, utterly bloggable things. Great things to write about. Unfortunately, I am developing a track record of apologising. My last post, all those months ago, exhibited the same message to my tens of fans:

“It has been a while. I will try better.”

Unfortunately, I didn’t. Three months went by with nothing, and here I am apologising again not only to you my (probably no longer) loyal readers, but also to myself. My complete and utter lack of engaging in the craft that I love is inexcusable. That being said, I do have my reasons…

But let’s back track a little and start where I left off, which was telling you where I had left off prior to my last post. Confused? Yes, I know, I know, it has been a while. Last time, I was telling you that I promised to finished my intended tri-part piece about my experience in office flirting gone wrong. One day I would love to go back and finish that piece, but for the time being I think that ship has well and truly sailed as far as posting it on this blog. Who of you even know what I am talking about?

To reiterate one more time, it really has been that long between posts.

If by chance there is anyone out there that is really curious how that ended, the answer is: abruptly. Given I have been quite open about my incredibly loving and stable (often explosive) relationship, it should surprise anyone that the story doesn’t end in me having a lush romance with a cute Spaniard. Plus my BF sometimes reads this blog, so if it did happen, I certainly wouldn’t go ruining things by reporting the truth out here in the open! Crazy-talk!


(Yes I am slowly getting back on track).

After my last post, I spent four days in London failing to write about that sexless and hilarious experience before JD and I jumped on a plane for New York, leaving our lives in London for F-O-R-E-V-E-R . This is where I get to the blogging silence. My flight to New York was just the beginning of a seven week trip travelling around the United States and Japan. We spent:

7 nights in New York

4 nights in Chicago

2 nights in San Francisco

3 nights in Napa Valley

2 nights in South Lake Tahoe

4 nights in Las Vegas

7 nights in Los Angeles

4 nights in Tokyo

2 nights in Kyoto

2 nights in Osaka

2 nights in Hiroshima

2 nights in Nara

Another 3 nights in Tokyo

Then JD went back to Perth and I spent another

2 nights in Sydney

2 nights in Perth

before FINALLY making it back in Perth on 1 September.

It was truly epic and I had grand plans to blog about all of the wonderful places I got to visit, but about 2 nights into our stop in Chicago I decided that I wanted to spend as much time enjoying the actual trip as possible, and I didn’t want to spoil it by pressuring myself to blog. I did take vigorous notes of what we did each day (much to JD’s amusement), but to go the step further and making it interesting to read was a little too much for me to handle.

So basically, I failed.

And why haven’t I blogged since I returned? Well, I didn’t have broadband until two weeks ago. So there’s that. And then for the last two weeks I have been too lazy.

So basically, I failed.

Now I am back in Perth, unemployed, living back in my flat, JD has moved in, and I am sitting here wishing I was living in New York City. Actually, I have been sitting here intermittently distracted by quality programming such as The Bachelor Australia and The Great British Bake Off and thinking Fuck My Life.

*** It’s a Pity Party! Put Your Hands Up! ***

Before I finish this off, I will yet again apologise. Again, for not writing, but also for writing this God awful “catch up” post that has been such a long time coming that it is probably now redundant.

And I apologise for the pity party. Life really ain’t that bad.

And I apologise for the excuses.

And for the incessant apologies.

Now that my life in the UK is over… wait, have I explained why it’s over? It’s not that interesting. JD and I each had 2 year working holiday visas. JD had arrived in London 6 months before me so his visa was up, and we were in a Northern Hemisphere summer so it made sense to head back home and enjoy the sunshine on the way back. Ta-dah!

Now that my life in the UK is over, I feel like it might be time to close this little blog. It has been an absolute blast, and as much as I whinge I have appreciated everyone that read, but given that I am no longer an expatriate it doesn’t seem logical to keep it going. But FEAR NOT, the two people out there who are still reading and for some reason didn’t have the sense to abandon ship much earlier into this boring excuse for a blog post.


Yes, my intention is to close this blog, but not to stop blogging! I may not have a sense of purpose, but I am unemployed, so what else am I going to do other that write a bunch of crap about nothing! All of my blogging compatriots that I read and love seem to do it, so why can’t I? And in order to do so, I am going to need a new blog name, which is where you all come in. Below is a poll as to what my next blog should be called. Highest votes wins! Or not. I don’t know. Just indulge me, because… Poll! Fun!

Results close, let’s say, following the virgin sacrifice conducted at the next new moon. Or in like a week or something.

Wha Wha?

~ Expatria


2 thoughts on “AWOL and a Poll

  1. Still here reading :-).

    So I was in London for two brief days in September and thought of you when having absolutely drop-dead amazing coffee in Islington.

    Gotta say, none of the names grabbed me, but please keep writing. Love your wit and the way you tie things together.

    So, the first name that came to me was Re-Patria. Not amazing, but ties back to this name and could chronicle how you re-adapt to a familiar setting.

    I’ll get over the fact that you didn’t visit Vermont on your whirlwind through the States. But, hey, you’re young. You may still find yourself here one day.

    • Wow, you’re still reading! I’m so flattered to hear that you thought of me whilst sipping a culpa in Islington. I love Islington! If I moved to London permanently I would love to live there. I hope you stopped by in Shoreditch to follow in my old neighbourhood hijinks.

      The poll wasn’t really meant to be serious. All of the names are Bastardisations of existing blogs I am glad so many people voters, although would love to know who picked Mr Bitchy Pants!

      I do actually love The Boy with the Blog, but I couldn’t possibly steal from the infinitely better The Girl with the Blog (even with Lena’s blessing). I also like The Chronicles of Me, although that is the self-absorbed teenage girl coming out of me…

      Re-Patria is a great name! I’m still deciding exactly what I’m doing with the new blog, but my sense is that it will be my broadest yet so I want a similarly broad and vague title. But I do love your input!

      And please, feel angry at my failure to visit Vermont. Stand strong and proud! Luckily I looooooved North America and can’t wait to visit again!

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