Have you ever felt the overwhelming need to leave? I’m not talking about simply exiting the room or even going on a holiday. I am talking about is that feeling when you sit down, evaluate the statistics that make up your being, and are suddenly over-whelmed by the feeling that you need to find the nearest exit on your life!

Well I did. And I decided I needed to do something about it before I turned thirty. So I relocated from:

Perth, Western Australia


London, United Kingdom


This blog will be an account of my trials and tribulations of my new life as an immigrant, and any musings I have in the meantime.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. I remember £ondon when it was all in black and white—been waterblasted since then but I imagine still very expensive. Hope you’re loving it~!

    I never made it to Perth but loved Fremantle …

    • London is actually much cheaper than resource rich Perth.

      Speaking if, Fremantle is a suburb of Perth! Fremantles hippies like to think they live in their own little city, but they don’t. It is barely a 25 minute drive away from the Perth CBD!

  2. Hey there, I’m a Kiwi living abroad in Berlin and can absolutely relate to your first paragraph. I needed to get out of New Zealand! 😉 Not at all because I didn’t like it, it’s my home and always will be.. It got to the point where I would have gladly have jumped on whatever the next departing plane was! If you have time, feel free to check out my blog/compare experiences!
    Warm wishes- M 🙂

  3. I did it the other way round and left London for sunnier climes and some sea action and haven’t looked back since…
    Good luck to you in the Big Smoke, it definately has its moments (though not much of the sun or sea you have left behind..:) )

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